Fouga Magister CM 170


The Israeli Version : " Zukit "

Owned and Developed by RCJETCENETR Team : Avi Ambar

With the aid of  Mr. Peter Weiss ( IJMC JWM Judge )




 Scale :   1 : 4.5

 Wing Span :  271 cm

Length :       223 cm


The model was developed during the last 3 years with use of the original plans of the full scale airplane.


The goal was to present the RC Jet Market  a  scale model with competition level and still be an ARF with out compromises.


As for now it is The Most Highly detailed ARF in the RC Jet Market.


As the model is an ARF it can easily be brought  to a standard of  scale Competition model.


We think that one can go wild with its scale Abilities


The First Prototype was completed on October 2009


6 full prefect flights were performed on the day of the prototype first test flight


No Basic structure modification was needed after evaluating the first flights


The model was actually flown - From the drawings to the Air


The Prototype was flown  very successfully since then. ( approx. 50 times ) 


During the last year we made some Scale improvement including full scale Fowler flaps and  has Aluminum rails and Bearings as the full size .


Technical Specifications  :

Flight characteristics : Smooth and very easy to handle , flies just like the full size Airplane.


Turbine : 8 to 12 Kg ( optimum 9 to 10 Kg Thrust )


Materials : Composite light

Dry Weight : 9.5-10.9 Kg  

Scale specification ( that are already Built-in Model Basic Form )

Scale Retracts and Doors
Scale Fowler flaps 

Scale AirBreaks
Scale Tiers

Extra Options :

Highly Scaled Cockpit ( Painted & Ready to Install )

Different Color Schemes or White Primer

Full Scale Documentation

Door Cylinders & Fectory Instolation

Special full decals sheet



Prices :


 * Special Introduction price for the First 10 Models only



 Including :

Scale  ARF "Zulkit"

Tail Pipe

Scale Landing Gear set and Wheels

Scale add ons parts


 *( All prices does Not includ shipmnet cost )


Orders & Technical Support


The Model can be ordered :


We are holding and selling the full line of  spare parts including fuselage and wings


 Videos :®


The Fouga Test Flight

Inside video showing the pleasant flight feature 



Foga wing flight view from Doron Yemini on Vimeo.

Development Process 









 Prototype Test Flight 









The scale Features


 2nd Prototype before production


The full size


 Color Options










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